Sunscreen Gel With Mixfruit Extracts Spf 25 (110 ml)

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Enriched with anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and Alpha-hydroxy Acids, this sunscreen gel is perfectly formulated for both, pre- and post-sun care. Orange, Papaya and Apricot apart from granting sun-protection to the skin, also nourish it and promote its renewal, leaving you with a more youthful and fairer skin.

Active Ingredients : Apricot Extract, Orange Extract, Papaya Extract

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Why does the skin need protection from the sun ?

The skin acts as a perfect shield from environmental changes and diseases. To carry on it's functions effectively, the skin too needs nourishment and strength. The body gets the essential Vitamin D from the Sun. But what one over-rules here is the fact that the same Sun also sends the harmful UVA and UVB rays to the earth which are damaging the skin. If not kept under tab, it can also lead to permanent darkness, excessive pigmentation and in worst cases, skin cancer.

What is SPF ?

The effect of a sun-block's action against UVB rays is measured in Sun Protection Factor or SPF. It is strongly recommended to apply a sun-block of SPF 15 or more at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun. This allows the ingredients to penetrate through the skin and prepare a shield against the harmful rays of the sun. Also, one must make sure the sun-block is effective against UVA rays as well.

What are the benefits of Orange Extracts ?

Oranges contain Vitamin A & C that not only prevent pre-mature aging but also give one a flawless, even-tone skin. Oranges help in fading away scars and blemishes yielding a better complexioned skin. It’s astringent qualities can’t be ignored either. Oranges clear off excess oil from the skin surface preventing Acne and greasiness. Oranges act as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun thereby preventing tanning, blemishes, sun spots and pigmentation.

How is Papaya an effective skin care ingredient ?

Acting as a natural moisture cover, Papaya Extracts are great exfoliating agents as well. While keeping the suppleness of the skin intact, Papaya gently cleanses off dirt and impurities from the skin's surface and deep pore levels to yield a polished and perfect complexion. Hailed as the forerunner in skin whitening products, Papaya Extracts even tone the skin contour and whiten the skin from within. Papaya is an excellent tan remover. It cancels out the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and imparts an envious glow on the skin.

How do Apricot Extracts beautify the skin ?

High in Vitamin A, Apricots are extremely effective antioxidants too. Apricots' cleansing action provides instant relief from the skin damage caused by irregular eruptions, dirt and the UV rays of the sun. With gentle exfoliation, Apricots keep off the dead and dry skin, even tones the skin texture and moisturize the skin from within by helping in penetration of useful ingredients down to the pores. resulting in a glowing fresh complexion. Wrinkling of the skin slows down as dryness is tackled well by Apricot extracts. Your renewed, cleansed skin glows with health and is safe from the UV rays of the sun as Apricot acts as a shield against sun's action on the skin."

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 7/30/2017)
Awesome Product
I love these product. I was skeptical while buying, but it did actually protect me from the sun.. smells good... its gel based so its not sticky or creamy after applying and does not get greasy while sweating too.. used it during a recent trip and entire family loved it.
(Posted on 7/29/2017)
This sunscreen is in orange colored gel form and its consistency is between thick to medium. Its fragrance is mild herbal with fruits mixed. I took a dollop and applied to my entire face and neck. I didn't rub it or massaged it; just gently patted it on my face. It gave me a cooling sensation. After 2-3 minutes it got absorbed well entire face and neck. I didn't rubbed it or massaged it; just gently patted it on my face. It gave me a cooling sensation. After 2-3 minutes it got absorbed well.
(Posted on 7/28/2017)
Wonderful Product
This product is very nice .It will make your skin soft , glowing and shiny .Regular use remove wrinkles and lines from face and moisturize your skin deeply for 6-8 hours .
(Posted on 7/20/2017)
It gave me a dewy look on my face. I applied my day cream on it afterwards. It gives me a refreshing feeling whenever I apply it.

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