Skin-polishing Diamond Cleansing Cream (50 gms)

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Combination of Diamond ash and orange oil helps to purify skin. The exclusive blend of minerals and Essential Oils gently removes excess Oil and Impurities. This cleanser Hydrates, Nourishes and Protects your Skin, leaving it refreshed.

Active Ingredients : Coconut Oil, Diamond Powder, Honey, Orange Oil, Vitamin E

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What is the use of a Cleansing cream ?

Cleansing of the skin is important for its health and a glow. However, the worse exposed are skin is (to chemicals, pollution and sun etc), the harsher cleansers we tend to use on it. It is true that these external factors damage the tone and texture of the skin; by blocking pores as well as causing acne, blackheads, tanning, pigmentation etc. But, regular soap bars we use, rather than containing this damage, only make the skin worse; by ridding it off the essential moisture as well. This makes the skin dry and irritated; and if cracked, more prone to infection too. Adequate moisture is not only important for the suppleness and health of the skin; but also helps maintain its elasticity and delays wrinkling.

Why is d powder used in cleansers ?

The diamond powder in beauty products exfoliates very gently to remove the skin surface right before the whitening. It opens up the skin pores in order to allow better penetration of the peroxide so that it can break down the stain molecules that are deeper. Skin care products containing extra-fine diamond powder gently exfoliated the top layer of skin, allowing the vitamins, moisturizers, botanicals, and age-defying ingredients to penetrate deeper and more effectively.

How does Orange Oil nourish the skin ?

Pure Orange Oil has a high content of Vitamin A & C which not only prevent premature aging of lips' skin but also nourishes the lips from within making them soft. Orange Oil helps in fading away pigmentation and darkness which is often caused by dead skin accumulation. Orange Oil facilitates skin renewal beautifying lips, making them plum and pink. The fruity aroma of Orange makes the Lip balm tasty and lip-smacking tempting.

How does Vitamin E and honey help in improving the skin texture ?

Apart from being a great exfoliant and anti-septic agent, Honey is a natural moisturizer. The amino acids in Honey lock the moisture on the skin surface and form a protective layer barring the escape of nutrients and moisture to dry racy winter winds. The presence of gluconic acid aid in renewal of skin by dead-cell shedding and balancing the oil on the skin surface. Skin elasticity is visibly improved and wrinkles and fine lines are minimized. Honey makes a moisture blanket around the skin helping it take in the all the necessary nutrients being provided to it. Vitamin E not only fights off the sun's UVA and UVB rays and pollution but doubles as a savior for the skin in biting cold. Vitamin E takes care of the skin's oil balance and acts as an anti-ageing agent. By reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it accelerated the skin renewal process. Scars, blemishes and pigmentation significantly disappear by the action of Vitamin E. Along with Honey, Vitamin E helps in keeping the moisture locked and nourishing the skin within it. The skin is prepared to fight tough environmental conditions with ease, softness and glowing with health.

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 7/26/2017)
Great Product
I like this product, it deep cleans your face. Skin is nice, smooth, and leaves you with a bright complexion. I would recommend this product to everyone.
(Posted on 7/25/2017)
It has a natural smell
I have normal, sensitive, acne and redness prone skin. I just started using these 5 days ago but the experience has been great so far. It gives a fresh look to your face and moisturizes wonderfully. It has a natural smell.
(Posted on 7/22/2017)
Amazing Product
This is the best anti-ageing cleanser I have ever used. It makes your face feel so clean & soft !! 2 weeks later, I really noticed how much younger my face started to look it is a AWESOME PRODUCT I LOVE IT & I will continue to use it forever.!!
(Posted on 7/21/2017)
I love it
This has never caused me to break out at all. It's lovely and soothing, and really helps the skin feel clean after use. What's more, unlike most cleansers, it doesn't dry the skin out at all! I use it once a week.  
(Posted on 7/19/2017)
Wonderful Product
Works great so far.. I'm noticing a difference in the appearance of my skin. I'm a women of color so its hard to find things for our skin.. I love the smell, i thought the jar would be a little bit bigger than what it is, but I'm still satisfied. I will be buying more of their products.

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