Skin-lightening Fruit Face Scrub (50 gms)

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This orange and lemon peel scrub gently exfoliates the facial skin while maintaining its moisture balance. It also, supports skin-lightening process to prevent dark spots formation and reduce uneven pigmentation, bringing out a fairer complexion.

Active Ingredients : Almond Oil, Lemon Peel Powder, Orange Peel Powder, Walnut Grains

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How is Orange Peel effective in improving skin ?

Not many know this but oranges have more to them than meets the eye. The juice, rich in Vitamin C helps in cleansing toxins and the outside skin can do wonders for your skin. Orange peels are dried and used in powdered form. Combining with Clove Oil, Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil, Orange Peel fights acne by: Unclogging Pores: Orange Peel extract very gently unclogs pores by removing dirt and excess oil. Also, Orange Peel regulates the formation of oil by the sebaceous glands so as to prevent greasiness and furthermore, acne. Clears Acne and blackheads: Active pores trap dirt which results in formation of blackheads and excess oil further makes them rigid. Orange peel extracts gently clear off blackheads and acne by opening the pores and removing dirt. Makes skin Flawless: Orange Peel contains Vitamin C which clears off scars and blemishes. It's natural bleaching action fades away dark patches and tough pigmentation yielding a clearer, fairer skin.

What is Lemon Peel Extract? And how does it contribute to revitalization of skin ?

Extract from lemon’s skin or rind, scientifically called Citrus limon, and commonly known as lemon peel extract, has been used over several years as an astringent, toner and anti microbial, due to its acidic properties. It maintains skin’s oiliness and pH balance and also calms skin’s redness and minor rashes. It is also known to remove impurities and dead cells from the skin’s surface and promote growth of new cells. It also has bleaching properties which help lighten pigmentation, sun-tan and acne marks. It has also been used to work against acne and better skin’s elasticity.

How does Almond Oil nourish the skin ?

Since ancient times, Almond Oil is known to be the perfect remedy for dry, flaky skin. It quickly gets absorbed in the skin surface, being a light oil, and cures skin irritation, allergies, dry patches and makes the skin soft and supple. All in all, a great emollient, Almond Oil serves to be the perfect treatment of the skin for fighting the chill and renewing it for another season cycle. It balances the skin's water loss. Regular massage regulates the blood circulation which in turn helps in the proper soaking of essential nutrients in the skin. The skin smells sweet and is velvety in touch.

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 7/29/2017)
Really great product
Really great product. I'm concerned it might be too coarse which is bad for your skin if it's taking too much off, but I'm addicted to how clean my skin feels after! 
(Posted on 7/26/2017)
Better result
This is the type of product where you can instantly feel a difference in your skin. It makes it so soft! This one actually makes my skin BETTER! I have very sensitive skin so I'm grateful for something that doesn't irritate it. Bonus, it's nice to get compliments on your complexion!
(Posted on 7/23/2017)
Very Nice Product
Very very effective. 100% herbal with freshness of real fruits. Lightens skins with 3-4 weeks of use. Removes dirt and makes the skin feel ultra fresh. Would highly recommend the same.
(Posted on 7/16/2017)
Very happy to used this product!
very good scrub. it remove dark spots. and make skin smooth and fair. really very good product and helpful and useful for skin .

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