Lavender-lilac Skin Care Gift Pack (455 gms)

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Bathe in the goodness and rich aromas of Lavender & Lilac. This is indeed a special Gift to pamper your skin and hair; and leave you feeling fresh as springtime throughout the year.


"Why should you indulge in a long bath once in a while?

Our everyday running has gotten too hectic over the years. The regime begins with a quick shower in the morning followed by hours of stressful work. Getting adequate sleep has become a task. With all this going, its very hard to find time for oneself, leave alone time to pamper. Parlor treatments take up a lot of time and expenses. Why not bring home the ultimate bath experience to indulge in your senses and give yourself some credit for everything you accomplish daily. With a heavenly fragrance that would make your experience all the more enticing, bring home this Skin Care Gift Pack or gift someone you care about.

Lavender Shampoo

Ultra nourishing care, for even extremely damaged hair, this therapeutic shampoo repairs the cuticles and strengthens the roots, to give you super soft, shiny and healthy hair. Its constituent Lavender balances the oil production and improves hair texture. Rosemary extract naturally conditions the hair, and promotes hair-growth.

Lilac Face Wash

Perfect care for combination skin, this face wash effectively balances oil production while soothing the dry areas of your face. Lavender controls the oiliness as well as kills the acne-causing bacteria. Lilac too keeps infections at bay, while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Heavenly Lavender Soap

A refreshing and skin re-vitalizing complex of Lavender & Rosemary, this soap breathes new life into your skin. Together they boost the blood circulation; relieving congestion & puffiness. They also moisturize the skin and promote cellular regeneration.

Aromatherapy Body Oil with Lavender Extract

Relaxes muscles and makes skin smooth & soft. Stops premature aging & wrinkling. Aromatherapy oils reduce stress & depression, enhance deep sleep & create a healthy nervous system.

Lavender & Rosemary Massage Cream

Lavender & Rosemary with other aromatherapy oils, prove extremely effective as anti-aging agents. Their astringency firms up the skin, while regenerative property boosts cellular renewal process. You are left with a skin that is vibrant and youthful. "

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 4/1/2016)
I love this kit
I love this kit. The products have a nice lavender fragrance. It is quite gentle on my skin and makes it soft and smooth.
(Posted on 4/1/2016)
This kit is worth buying.
This kit is worth buying. I bought this kit for myself. All the products in this kit hydrates my skin very well making it soft and supple .

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