Aromatherapy Body Oil-lemongrass & Lily Oil (110 ml)

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Increases blood circulation & repairs dry & sun damaged skin. Strengthens bones & removes skin blemishes & dark skin patches. Aromatherapy oils reduce stress, headache, cold & cough.

Active Ingredients : Lemongrass Oil, Lily Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E



What are the causes of an unclear and blemished skin ? How can aromatherapy help ?

One of the major causes for an unclear skin is sun exposure. Our body releases a darkening pigment, or melanin, in response to UV exposure; causing skin tan. Its non-uniform distribution in the body causes uneven pigmentation and/or freckling. Another reason for marks is scarring due to acne, wounds etc; multiplied by the slower cellular regeneration (repairing) of maturing skin. Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants; certain of which exhibit anti-oxidant properties and promote re-growth of new, healthier cells; while protecting skin from solar damage. Some oils also help keep the skin free of infections, and thus consequential scarring. The added benefits of these oils include relieving muscular aches; strengthening the immune system; reducing stress; as well as remedying cough and cold.

How does the body benefit from Olive Oil ?

Olive oil is a rich source of anti-oxidants; including Vitamin E, polyphenol and hydroxytyrosol. These safeguard the skin against, as well as repair free radical damage to it; which is aggravated by sun exposure and results in premature aging of the skin. They also stimulate cellular regeneration, thereby helping in scar reduction. Its hydrophilic nature, fatty acid content as well as it deep penetrative ability makes it an excellent moisturizer for dry flaky skin. It is also known to strengthen bones, nails; while softening cuticles. Another constituent compound of olive oil, olecanthol, inhibits production of inflammation-inducing enzymes; thus it helps reduce swelling as well as relieves muscle pains and aches.

How is Lily Oil beneficial for our skin ?

Lily oil is extracted from Lillium candidum, also known as White Lily. Its constituents, polysaccharides and saponins, grant it anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Polysaccharides further render it an emollient. Thus it makes an excellent moisturizer for irritated, sensitive or dry skin; while enhancing skin’s elasticity. The anti-septic property of lily oil makes it beneficial to treat rashes and eczema. The oil also smoothes the skin, as it reduces accumulation of dead skin cells. Also an anti-oxidant, lily oil promotes tissue regeneration, along with healing of ulcers, wounds, scalds and burns, without scar formation; as well as in treating rashes. It is even known to relieve pain associated with burns and ease contracted tendons.

What makes Vitamin E an important element for aging skin care ?

Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant; thus it defends the skin against UV rays-induced damage, by protecting it from tissue degeneration. Sun is a majorly responsible factor for the formation of free radicals, which are known to destroy cells and lead to premature aging. And Vitamin E scavenges these free radicals. It also helps repair the damage already caused by the sun, by promoting growth of newer, healthier cells. A higher cellular turnover rate helps repair damaged tissues; while also reducing dark spots, pigmentation marks, acne marks and scars. Vitamin E also promotes production of collagen and elastin; maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin as well as helping fade away prevalent wrinkles too.

How does Lemon grass Oil prove beneficial in this therapy ?

Lemongrass oil is astringent in nature. It provides deep pore cleansing; removing excess oil and impurities from pores, and tightening them. Its anti-microbial property helps fight acne, athlete’s foot and other skin infections. A massage with lemon grass oil is known to stimulate blood circulation, clear cellulite as well as helps in relieving muscle pain; the latter owed to its anti-inflammatory nature. An enhanced circulation, along with its astringency can help clear skin of pigmentation spots and other blemishes. This oil is extracted from fresh, or only partly dried, leaves of grass Cymbopogon citrates and is known to keep the skin healthy and supple. It strengthens connective tissue; firms up the skin and helps maintain its elasticity."

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 8/2/2017)
Best Body oil ever
This is the best body oil that I have used. I am very regular with massages and have been trying different oils. This is one of my best discoveries. The pure lemongrass and lily oil in this products gives a very soothing and soft feel to the skin.
The skin absorbs the oil in seconds and there is no stickiness. I love this product. My son uses the Vaadi Herbals Aromatherapy Lavender and Almond Oil and loves it.
Would highly recommend these two oils from Vaadi.
(Posted on 8/1/2017)
Really wonderful body oil
I love Vaadi herbal products !! been using them for some time .. this oil is truly amazing..nice smell.. absorbed in skin immediately..not sticky at all..its a body oil but dry skins might use it on face since it has lemongrass...better than using lotions !!
(Posted on 7/31/2017)
Full Satisfied
This body oil contains lemon grass & olive oil, also enriched with vitamin E. It is very good skin softener & removes skin pigmentation marks.
(Posted on 7/29/2017)
This was a great buy for me!
I read through the list of uses and it sounded like it would be multi-useful, so I had to give it a try. I get fairly frequent headaches, and often use this oil on my temples. This was a great buy for me!
(Posted on 7/23/2017)
This is great
The lemon grass and lily oil smell is very relaxing and is great to smell directly on the skin, through a washcloth or by diffusing. I use it for headaches and within 10-15 minutes it has subsided and I am able to get back to whatever I was doing before. This is great.

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